Welcome To Dream Warriors'

Welcome To Dream Warriors'

Ron's Dream Warrior website

Hello,I am Ron some have come to know me by various other names such as;"Dlanor,Dlanorr,and Tofu.This is my site dedicated to a gaming club I have been affilated with for over a decade.The morale aspect of the club focuses on five virtues these are "Faith,Loyalty,Friendship,Honor, and Truth. Although;this site is a focus on my personal background and created for a college project.I will spend a lot of time also, speaking about my friends.May even display images and background on the dream warriors and what they mean to me.


So sit back, grab your favorite cold drink , and enjoy my webpage.


Tofu Graduated Joplin Sr.High class of 1989



Tofu was born back in 1969 to Judith Lynn Adderly, and Jules Ray Bryan.Grew up in a split home so spent most of his childhood in Utah,California and Wyoming.Tofu joined the Miltary back in 1996 and served in Headquarters and Fleet Marine Forces until he fineally;came out in 2002.Tofu has worked to better his education all his life.Some important schools he has attended.Copper Mountain College, and White Plains Army Logistics College both located in Twenty-Nine palms California.As well as Colorado University in which he is a current active student.Some Military Honors he has earned while on Active duty :Honorable discharges two of them, The Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medal, and The Good Conduct Medal.



Dream Warriors was founded back in 1979 by Greg Mcpherson Jr.aka Daijin as a means to bring the knowledge of God to the gaming world.He encourages fair play, and to act as one would in real life when playing any of the games he is involved in.His ongoing campaign Myth Torn has been around for over 27 years, and is based on popular 3.5 roleplaying rules.

Ron's Family

Tofu's Family:

Brother Tony Bryan in Joplin,Missouri

Father Ray Bryan in Joplin,Missouri

Sister Sarah Bryan in Riverside,California

Aunt Carrol in San Francisco,California

Some Uncles scattered through out Utah.

Basically, only ones known about except my Dream Warrior family.